General Websites:

The Evolution & Medicine Review: This online ‘journal’ is somewhere between a blog and a newspapers’ editorial section. It is written by researchers in Darwinian Medicine, is professionally edited, and is a great new resource for learning about new developments in evolutionary medicine.

Public Library of Science (PLoS): A website dedicated to publishing freely accessible, peer-reviewed research. Many of these journals have very impressive impact factors. This may be the wave of the future in publishing articles. Take a look at a recent article by D. S. Wilson regarding how to teach evolution to undergraduates.

Human Behavior and Evolution Society: An good website for learning a bit about how evolutionary psychology is practiced.

Quantitative Genetics Resources: A compendium of information and links on quantitative genetics, maintained by Mike Lynch and Bruce Walsh.

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab, Research Papers: An excellent resource for undergraduate students trying to write research papers.

Talk.Origins: A scholarly newsgroup largely devoted to shedding light on the so-called evolution versus creationism debate.


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